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Kathy is not only the President of eChatter but has been President of Ann Michaels & Associates Ltd., a market research and mystery shopping firm, for over 20 years. She is also the founder of the Social Media Research Association, which is an online global resource for social media researchers. She regularly speaks at conferences and educates private investigators on the value of capturing and analyzing open source intelligence.  

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eChatter Social Media Research & Investigations

What Every B2B Company Needs To Know About Big Data

What Every B2B Company Needs To Know About Big Data

Private investigators use social media & online research to enhance their cases, learn more about people of interest and players in a case. Listen as Deb Salerno, Social Media Specialist from eChatter talks about how social media and online content plays into an investigation. Click here to listen in.

What Every B2B Company Needs To Know About Big Data

What Every B2B Company Needs To Know About Big Data

What Every B2B Company Needs To Know About Big Data

“We now create 1.7 megabytes of new information each second for every human being on Earth.”

No wonder companies struggle with data analysis – with so many sources of information, how does a company make the most of it in an efficient, relevant manner?

I had the opportunity to talk with Nancy Schuetz, Managing Director & Founder of Mettacite. We talked about big data, challenges & opportunities for B2B companies, and best practices for collecting, managing, and analyzing big data.

Nancy shares a great case study that highlights the benefit of incorporating social data into the mix – what key factor did a company learn that changed their marketing strategy?

We also talked about the 5 V’s of big data, and you can read the entire article we discussed here. I also encourage you to take a look at Mettacite’s service offerings & connect with Nancy online – she’s a great source of information! Click here to listen in. 

What is Social Media Research

What Every B2B Company Needs To Know About Big Data

What is Social Media Research

This podcast scratches the surface explaining what social media research is and how it is currently being used by marketers, businesses, and researchers. What is Social Media Research?

Case Studies


A Bad Back Won't Stop Him

An employee of a company claimed that he received a back injury while working. He claimed the injury left him unable to work for a period of time and filed a Workman's Comp claim. As part of the investigation, an online/social media background evaluation was conducted of the individual's social footprint. Only public facing information could be obtained.

The search revealed images the employee took and posted publicly to his Facebook page showing a weekend of surfing. He shared where he was on vacation, as well as the dates and times, which fell during the period he was allegedly unable to work due to the back injury. This image data was collected and used the dispute his claim. 


No Alimony For You!

A gentleman was paying alimony to his ex-wife for some time, but had recently learned that it was possible his ex -wife was potentially engaged to and/or living with another man but she was careful to not post anything on her social sites to give that impression. A deep web search identified an obituary for the ex-wife’s grandmother. Seemingly innocent, right? Not so much when the ex-wife was listed as a survivor and a gentleman was identified as her fiancé in the obituary. No more alimony for her.


Buried At Sea

An investigator was looking for the place of burial for an individual who has passed away a few years prior. Social media & deep web research was conducted to determine if this information was available online. Initial research did not yield any specific results; however, the deep web scan resulted in identification of a newsletter for an organization geared toward yacht enthusiasts, which the individual was a member of prior to his death.

Research conducted based on this lead revealed more information around the individual's death and memorial service. The memorial service information included information about where the individual was buried - at sea - with the exact coordinates provided to those wishing to attend the memorial. This subsequent information was collected and provided to the investigator to aid in his case.

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