What We Do

All About You

Talking and understanding your objectives is our top priority. We provide  you with online searches, web preservation, hiring reports, mitigating risk for your business, managing your online reputation, identifying public online threats, and so much more. 

The Technical Stuff

The use of multiple software platforms allow us to dive into social platforms and the deep web. We successfully analyze, identify, advise,  and execute. We collect and preserve legally admissible online evidence, when screenshots are not enough, through web preservation. 

Our Expertise

Consulting is our specialty. Our knowledgable open source intelligence analysts, strategists, and advocates , are unmatched in the industry. Since 2007, we have been mining social media data to help others better understand the web. Our best reference is our loyal customers.



  • Reputation Management
  • Corporate Mitigation Risk 
  • Jury Vetting 
  • Social Media Searches
  • Deep Web Searches 
  • Web Preservation 
  • Social Hiring Reports 
  • Speaking Engagements 

Open Source Intelligences


"Open Source Intelligence"

Our proven methodologies can capture all public online content not always found on popular search engines. The tiniest online developments often time lead to the most ground breaking results. 

Built on Connection


"eChatter, thank you for working so diligently to screen individuals for our upcoming trial. Your execution was flawless." 
-Attorney from Georgia  


"You guys are great. Fast and reliable. You are my eyes to the social media world that I cannot keep up with."  
-Detective from Ohio  


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