Background Check for employment

Social Media Hiring Report

Stay safe, compliant, and protected with our social media background check. FCRA Compliant, our OSINT Specialists obtain accurate, curated results projected into a sleek and user friendly report. Order with us today! 

Our Social Media Hiring Report ( background check for employment) takes every factor into consideration to make sure that the clients we work for stay compliant on a federal and state level. We ensure that you never see what you shouldn’t see– the report turns up only relevant content that can be portrayed as negative and a detriment to the person’s employment with your company. When important content is identified, the report will only show those pieces of content. If nothing is found that falls into what can be legally obtained/considered when making hiring decisions, a “no pertinent information found” report is filed, meaning there is nothing of concern regarding the candidate.

With these protections in place, HR professionals can easily include social media and online content as part of their candidate screening. It’s as simple as filling out a form, providing as much information about an individual as in know – in the case of pre-employment scans, submitting the candidate’s resume is a great help – and letting eChatter take care of the rest, from conducting the research to keeping the layers of protection in place.


Third Party

Reduce the risk of searching a potential hire on your own. Stay compliant with the laws in your state by allowing a third party to complete your social media hiring reports. Ensure the privacy of the hire and the potential for a discrimination accusation 

our Process

OSINT Specialists

Our OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Specialists are FCRA compliant, knowledgable within the industry, trained on manual  search techniques, and multiple software platforms. There are constant changes to social site algorithms, search techniques, and privacy settings. Our specialists keep up with all new developments so you don't have to. 

Software Platforms

Since no two software platforms are the same, we use multiple. This allows us to search for the content you need in the most accurate way possible. 


The content presented to you is in a sleek, user friendly report. All information given to you has been sifted through for false positives, analyzed, and measured for quality assurance.